the two r’s in the interior and s’mores XD

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

because i’m “only a blogger“, i like to share my thoughts anyway, anyhow.

first, i’m delighted to be back in the blogging sphere. it has been years since i blogged at this site, maybe because i was so busy in surviving through life at the academe.

for those who are following this blogsite, yep, you may guess it right–i am now a teacher. a high school/college teacher. my job is to educate the students regarding physics, science, algebra and trigonometry, with a blend of nationalistic vision casting and values education (kasama yun sa math discussions namin hehe). i love this job even if it has already sucked a great deal of my energy. it is for the future presidents of this nation that i am doing this. what i want to impart to them is not just the skill in doing math but to prepare them for LIFE, or, as LifeBox would put it, leadership, integrity, faith, and excellence. *other posts related to teaching abangan na lang. 😀

second, i extend my (late) condolences to the family of the late Jesse Robredo, i could not say more than what the people already have said about his achievements and his life. my prayer, though, is that they as a family would be comforted at this time. putting my feet on their sandals, i sense how hard it is to lose a father like him, a father who took care of his family despite the calling of his leadership position. i hope that Mr Robredo’s legacy would last long, or forever–legacy of his family and professional life. he truly is a nationalist–an advocate of a strong government, making pavements known as “daang matuwid”.

third, i would like to extend my congratulations to Secretary Mar Roxas for filling the “tsinelas” of Mr. Robredo. i hope that he will be having a great team and surpassing his predecessor’s achievements. sure, he is not Robredo, of course, but may he not be an exact opposite of that name. may he be guided by God to transform our nation through the local governments he will be handling. may secretary Roxas be used by the Lord to bring great reforms.

fourth, i say my congratulations also to Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno. she had many achievements that made her qualified to that position, and i bet she did not receive those if not for her articulate mind, strong convictions, and faith in God. i do not honestly know how many of the past chef justices graduated from or taught at UP, but i am sure that she is among those “movers and shakers” who will make a difference in our judicial system and in our whole nation as well. i pray that the will not be part of the “mess“, as SyCip would ask, but that “mess” would be cleaned up by her leadership. i pray that her faith in and relationship with God will propel her to do her job with utmost integrity. ma’am, i’m sorry for defying some of the rules in writing, but here is what the Bible would say (and is even applicable to the relatively young), “don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example…” (1 Timothy 4:12). may you exemplify highest standards in speech, life, love, faith, and purity. God promised through haggai that he will shake the nations to bring forth his glory. it has been a time of shaking, and now God is doing something great as he shakes our nation.

hope this will spark hope for all of us. may God pour out his glory in the whole Philippines.


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