That Small Dream

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Many years ago I was looking at myself fast forward: I would become a leader in some sort. I would be a leader to the youth, especially to the students. While leading them, I was to be involved in some rock band. It was my dream to play. These were little dreams, simple in thought yet great in my perspective.

I see these dreams starting to be fulfilled. One by one, they came to pass. I play in church services as a lead guitarist, rocking out as everybody shouts his praises to God. But there’s more! I played bass once at another church and guitars thrice at still another. I was hailed a leader in our youth group—at least a seniority among the youngsters. Nominal leader—that’s who I was.

I wanted something more than a nominal though. I wanted to gain influence. I always wanted to be on the top. The idea of me being a leader, however, seemed to eventually get out of my system because of several things that have happened to me. I may have become worse than who I was back then.

The preaching of God’s kingdom as a mustard seed inspired me to reminisce and to ask God what was in this seed that he has planted in my heart. It was totally forgotten; now, it is being brought back. That dream motivated my study in the University of the Philippines. That dream is, at least, the start and the end of what I do.

I ask God to let this seed grow. I know it will take time and much discipline. Maybe it’s still small today, but I have faith that, in one step at a time, it will be whatever it should become.

  1. Emong says:

    c’mon bro. from time to time, ask yourself why do you want to live that dream and how you are in your relationship with God. i’m not saying you’re in the wrong side of the coin. it’s nice kasi to reminisce and dig deeper on your foundations. in everything we do, none but Jesus. 😀

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