Once Destroyed. Once Rebuilt. Once Conquered

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

The book of Judges presented the fact that Jerusalem was once conquered by the Judah tribe and was set on fire. Benjamites, however, failed to dislodge those Jebusites who were living in there. It, then, speaks about the two tribes who were to conquer a city but failed to maintain their ownership. Centuries later, the Israelite king David, who came from one of these tribes, made a conquest to the city by finding and entering through its weakness. As a result, he took Jerusalem as his city and made it the capital of his nation. This city is still Israel’s capital as of today.

How funny it is to know that God will allow destruction, rebuilding and conquest for us to get the answers to our prayers. Sometimes we are destroyed–hurt, felt abandoned–by the circumstances we face. And then there comes a time for your own rebuilding–you are being refreshed, replenished, and renewed. You are restored, have overcome, and feel all right. Knowing that we are ready and that God is with us, we seek for opportunities for this prayer to be answered. We conquer the land–for the second time. And we win.

God is a God of second chances, they say. Before this second chance, we will be crushed, persecuted, struck down, and (at worst) cursed. Though the sorrow may last for a night, his joy comes with a morning. So let us trade our sorrows–failures, however you call them–and conquer the land–the second time around.


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