Posted: February 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

what would you do in the most critical moments of your life? Will you do something good with it? what do you think will be the net effect of those actions in due time?

when i face critical moments in life, i tend to think of some ways on how i will act upon them, and, as i lay them down, i am thinking of what they will be on the long run.

the philippines is currently in a critical situation. i do not mention hopeless but i choose the word “critical” because i believe that there is still hope, and someone has to act so that this hope will be realized. the word critical is a sense that there has to be somebody who will have to save a sick person from dying. likewise, there has to be somebody who will save the nation from its eventual destruction.

there are a number of people who have proposed programs, gimmicks and all that, when they are elected, will be implemented during their term. the question is that how they will be maintained, but that’s another story. news and public affairs programs try to reach people with these kinds of information. sadly, many do not know what the politicians are talking about, that’s why probably some of them vote for those who have their campaigns very good to the eyes of the people but not for their platforms themselves.

the philippines is currently in a critical situation. a people needs a strong leader. a people needs an optimistic leadership; and if the candidates’ platforms were not known, how would the selection be possible? people will flock to the “strong” one who will eventually lead the nation into chaos. if the chosen leader is not quite good, it is because of the misinformed citizens who are apathetic of whom they are voting for and, when odds come, places blame instead of trust to the same person.

as a newspaper advertisement says, “dare to ask. be an inquirer.” will you want to place another set of blame to those whom you have voted for? why won’t you dare inquiring first about the person whom you are going to vote for before putting its name into the ballot?


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